Glamglow Dreamduo Dream Duo Travel Size

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Glamglow Dreamduo Travel Size 2x5ml (sepaket 2 tube)
Step 1 Dream Serum
Step 2 Dream Seal
What it is:
A moisturizing serum and seal dream team overnight treatment for visibly plumper, more hydrated skin that lets you to wake up to a soft, smooth complexion.
Solutions for:
- Dryness
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Dullness and uneven texture .
If you want to know more…
DREAMDUO™ Overnight Transforming Treatment is a two-step overnight treatment that leaves skin looking and feeling radiant, hydrated, prepped, and plumped—with an energizing afterglow. DREAMSERUM (pearl) is a melt-in face serum that infuses antiaging antioxidants into the skin, while supercharged essential vitamins support an even, flawless complexion. DREAMSEAL (gray) is a nourishing moisture boost of hyaluronic acid and mozuku green algae that plumps and recharges skin’s glow.
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