YSL Top Secrets Moisturizing Prep Lotion Hydrate 150ml

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 A lightweight, moisturizing prep lotion that protects your skin with antioxidants, deeply replenishes moisture, and provides an instant boost of radiance to prep skin for perfect makeup. A lotion for long-lasting hydration and perfectly primed skin. 5.07 oz. Made in France.
 Micro-bubble technology provides a burst of cool moisture for your complexion. Antioxidants provide all day protection and visibility improves skin texture. Tightens pores, evens skin tone, revives glow and enhances luminosity.
Press the pump applicator to obtain one dose of the lotion. Rub it quickly between the fingertips of both hands. With gentle pressing motions, apply to cheekbones, then over the forehead and the neck.
Use horizontal back and forth motions on the forehead. Slide the fingertips of both hands from the jaw to the inside of the cheekbones and towards the outer contours of the face. Then glide them from the top of the neck downwards.
With the entire surface of the palms of the hands, gently press the cheeks and the cheekbones to optimize absorption. Slide hands outwards to repeat the gestures on the outer contours of the face. Finish with downward smoothing motions along the sides of the neck.